lady gaga pageant

Sometimes we feel a little bad for Lady Gaga, not because of her millions of dollars or the fact that people just give her haute couture, but because she she so obviously desperately wants to shock us, and she almost can’t anymore. Her meat dress was surprising, then she hatched out of an egg at the Grammys. It’s been hard to top that. She showed up at the American Music Awards on a puppet horse operated by dancers, but after the egg thing the effect was pretty unsurprising.

The most surprising thing Lady Gaga can do at this point is to dress like a “normal” person. The closer she comes to that, the more surprised we are. And the glamour girl gown and tall hair she wore to an evening with Arthur Fogel hosted by EPIX at the Harmony Gold Preview House and Theater is pretty tame, for Gaga.

Don’t get us wrong, her lamé Romona Keveza gown is a lot of look. She glued some sequins to her forehead to remind us that she’s Lady Gaga, but aside from the forehead bling, this would not look out of place on the red carpet at the Country Music Awards; we’d giggle, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it. On Lady Gaga, though, it comes off like a pretty fun pageant costume.

New idea: Lady Gaga Pageants. We could all get costumes. We’ll hold them at bars. It’ll be great.

Of course, we can’t take this as a new trend for Lady Gaga. The 2014 Grammy Awards are coming up soon, and Lady Gaga is clearly going to try to outdo her egg trick. She’s probably just trying to dress like a normal to lure us into a false sense of security before she has herself sewn into the belly of a live cow for her next awards show.