yep, pretty much

Another day, another Lady Gaga outfit constructed out of priceless art and garbage.

Our favorite nutjob showed up for an interview recently– in which she talked extensively about her love of weed, of course, but we’ll get to that in a second– wearing an outfit inspired by Picasso, a child’s pirate Halloween costume, the lamp from A Christmas Story, and Sally Brown. The singer artfully combined pastels with black fishnet hose, and she went for a natural makeup look with some splotches of facepaint and a very subtle drawing of an eye on one of her lids. There was also a witch hat involved, because why the hell wouldn’t there be?

lady gaga being lady gaga

While looking classy and appropriate, Gaga gifted us with another piece of the puzzle that is her history with marijuana. We’ve known her to smoke joints onstage long before Miley Cyrus, dress up like weed for Halloween, and get called a slut by an 81-year-old politician for lighting up. A few weeks ago, she told Attitude that she was “smoking 15 joints a day.” So what does she love so much about it? She told Alan Carr on The Chatty Man Show,

The thing that I fell in love with about it is that I completely forget I’m famous. I totally forget about it all. I take a puff and I’m me when I was 17 again in my white go-go boots looking for a job and there’s something quite creative and liberating about that.

Aww. That’s kind of really sweet. I get that same transported-back-to-being-seventeen feeling when I eat Taco Bell nachos. (They too remind me of a time before I was famous.)

gaga mona lisa

The weird thing about Gaga, though, is that you’d never know she was a stoner if you just looked at her. There are only like three pieces of cartoon genitalia visible on her sweatshirt! And you mean to tell me that someone who just took a life-size Mona Lisa tapestry for a walk around London… enjoys drugs? You learn something new every day.

Via E! News / Photos: WENN