Lady Gaga is touring the world doing all kinds of weird, faux-eccentric shit. Last week it was Milan, to wear Elizabeth Hurley‘s iconic safety pin dress, then it was some more time in Milan to be half-naked with Donatella Versace as Terry Richardson looked on. By yesterday, she’d made it to London, to launch her Fame fragrance at Harrod’s and cement her status as emperor of the realm of pointless, silly celebrity fragrances.

Oh, and she had claws. Because she’s an artist:

We’re not too hot on that strawberry blonde wig (which is clinging to her forehead for dear life) but we have been appreciating her amazing Sophia Loren-ish retro beauty otherwise. She’s also wearing a skintight black bodycon dress, making this whole “weight gain” non-scandal seem still more preposterous.

Here she is giving directions to an excitable man and his dog:

And here she is fighting with her wig:

Strangely, the piles of gnarled jewels on her fingers and wrist look more like a shiny golden crust than claws (art claws?).

…What we’re getting at is this: it reminds us of Tree Man. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s probably best you don’t click that.

(All photos via Wenn)