Lady Gaga The Fame

Lady Gaga has launched a perfume and you’re probably familiar with the corresponding ridiculousness of Lady Gaga doing anything. Anyway, a few months ago, the first spot was released, which availed itself of the inherent artiness of French and “took a fanciful look” at the perfume’s creation. Now, the actual Steven Klein-directed commercial is here:

[youtube_iframe id=”qwGE-mhfigA”]

It looks, unsurprisingly, like any video Klein might direct for Lady Gaga (namely “Alejandro”). So what’s the problem?

An unedited snippet of the video leaked, too:


Which led the internet’s many prodigious gif makers to notice that Gaga has been digitally altered beyond recognition:


Oh, sure, it’s very stylized and Gaga’s never made any claims of authenticity but the extreme digital slimming doesn’t sit well the singer’s eating disorder activism and championing of health body image. If nothing else, let this be a reminder that nothing is real.

…Provided Gaga’s Vogue cover didn’t make that clear enough, we mean.

(via Styleite)