When the world’s richest living artist, Damien Hirst, collaborated with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s luxury fashion line, The Row, by gluing prescription pills all over one of their $34,000 backpacks, thus ratcheting its cost all the way to $55,000, we wondered who on Earth would ever buy the thing. The project’s prospective customer would have to be someone with a lot of money, a tendency to embrace fashion as a performance, and a taste for conspicuous consumption. So just Lady Gaga, basically.

And Lady Gaga did buy one of the pieces of Hirst-signed “wearable art” as a birthday present for her boyfriend, very handsome Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney.

According to The Telegraph, Kinney takes his birthday “very seriously” and really likes backpacks, so of course Lady Gaga would go out and get him the most expensive art/fashion backpack money could buy.

The Hirst collaboration with The Row resulted in just 12 backpacks made of shiny black Nile crocodile skin. Those crocodiles died so their skins could be covered in either prescription pills (fake, we presume), multicolored polka dots, or gold polka dots and carried around by very, very rich people. A regular alligator backpack from The Row costs $34,000, but the Hirst backpacks run $55,000. (A plain leather one costs $4,000.) We’re not sure which of the Hirst-decorated backpacks Mr. Kinney will be receiving for his birthday, though. Aesthetically speaking we prefer the polka dots, but the pill-covered bags seem more special, somehow.

Theoretically a portion of the $55,000 price tag is going to benefit UNICEF, but Internet retailer Just One Eye, the exclusive seller of crocodile backpacks with Hirst flair, says the amount given is “at Damien’s discretion.”

Via The Telegraph/Photo: Facebook/JustOneEye