Have you ever listened to “Bad Romance” and wished the whole world could be as fucked up and cool as it is in that song’s music video? Is a Gaga-fied paradise full of purchasable curiosities the only thing you want for Christmas this year? (Duh and duh.) Well, you can wipe away those unicorn tears now, because your dream is coming true this winter at that most magical of places, Barneys New York. Gaga’s Workshop is real!

According to the Barneys website, Lady Gaga will work in collaboration with artists Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson of Assume Vivid Astro Focus, as well as her pal Nicola Formichetti, to create not just a window display but a whole floor of weird and wonderful delights. This will include Gaga’s beautiful dark twisted fantasy of what Santa’s workshop would look like if she were him, as well as “a range of exclusive, small gift items,” 25% of all sales of which will be “donated to a charity of Lady Gaga’s choice in honor of this special program and in the spirit of the holiday season.” I guess she hasn’t picked one yet?

“Lady Gaga is a rare cultural phenomenon, not only because of her exceptional talents as a singer, songwriter and performer, but also with regard to her support of equality and individuality and status as a fashion icon,” said Mark Lee, Barneys New York CEO, in the press release. “Partnering with her in this unprecedented collaborative way to create the largest and most all-encompassing holiday theme that Barneys has ever mounted is a thrill. As a New York City landmark, we wanted to celebrate Lady Gaga as a fellow New Yorker and amazing talent.” Whatever you think of her music, you can’t really argue with the second part. I look forward to having blow-ball fights in what will doubtlessly resemble something straight out of Stefon‘s wildest nightmares.