We’ve seen her wear a Picasso painting while ranting about her love of weed, we’ve seen her wear terrifying false teeth on a red carpet. Who would have guessed that Lady Gaga could shock us… in normal clothes?

Everyone’s favorite eccentric weirdo is the new face of Versace, but she looks a hell of a lot like the old face of Versace. We’re quite acquainted with Gaga’s ability to transform her face and body with makeup and fashion, but her ads for the designer’s Spring 2014 line are bizarrely familiar. It looks like she’s doing Donatella Versace cosplay.



Gaga tweeted a photo last night with a preview of the new campaign, and while we got a glimpse of the ads last month, we didn’t notice her uncanny resemblance to the designer until now. It’s obviously intentional, of course, but it’s subtle enough that it’s almost… I don’t know, subliminal? It’s easy to link Donatella and Gaga, since both of them have a history of wearing weird/hot outfits and behaving in a generally weird/hot manner, and it’s probably mutually beneficial to both brands to combine their fanbases.

Oddly, Gaga makes a better Donatella than Gina Gershon, who portrayed the designer in the off-the-wall Lifetime Original Movie, House of Versace. (If you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It features horrible fake accents, more than enough nude lipstick, and almost every scene involves someone slamming a door dramatically.) And Gaga’s numerous SNL appearances have proven that she can act, so I’m a little bummed about this oversight. I demand a remake.

And because it’d be a crime for me not to mention it, one of the Gaga ads is topless. She’s gone full-frontal before, so the toplessness itself isn’t exactly news, but there’s something special about seeing half of someone’s unclothed body when the objective is to sell, you know, clothes. You can see all the photos (and half of her breasts) here.

Via Popsugar