lady gaga versace

Lady Gaga is so much luckier than us she not only gets to wear haute couture, she gets to wear haute couture just moments after it gets off the runway. Lady Gaga does not wait for Bluefly sales.

As the new face of Versace (literally, considering the way they turned her into Donatella’s Mini Me) Lady Gaga was seated front row at the Versace haute couture show in Paris on Sunday. One of the most striking pieces from the collection was a white fur coat with an amazing crystal mesh hood.

versace fur coat crystal hood

According to Vogue UK, when press and potential customers asked about the coat after the show, they were told it was not available to view, because Lady Gaga already had it in her rhinestone manicured clutches.

lady gaga versace

Versace loaned the coat to Lady Gaga for a post-show dinner, where Lady Gaga tweeted a group shot of herself with Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani, Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, and Donatella Versace.

“Me, Riccardo Tisci, Donatella Versace and Franca Sozzani. In white fur crystal hood #offtherunway,” she tweeted.

At the party, Lady Gaga asked if she could keep the coat. We admire the chutzpah involved in asking to be given a present that costs more than many condos, and in this case it paid off because Gaga actually got permission to keep it.

It does look amazing on her, though. Damn you, Versace, for making hoods happen.

Photos via WENN, Twitter/@nesslindo