Attention, David Letterman and other doubters! The ever salty pop diva Lady Gaga has made good on her promise to have her infamous meat dress turned into jerky and preserved for all time. The Washington Post reports that the attention-grabbing creation has been treated with various chemicals and dried out, and is now at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, where it will hang in the museum’s “Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power” exhibit.

Hand sewn by designers Franc Fernandez & Nicola Formichetti, the dress was originally made from various fresh, bloody cuts of Argentinian beef. However, as time went on, it began to take on a “dark, beef-jerky” look, so they painted it to “look fresh” once the several-months-long taxidermy process was complete. (I am trying so hard not to barf up my tofu and veggie stir fry right now.) Gaga’s explanations for wearing it were often vague–was it about gay rights? Women’s rights? Carnivores’ rights?–but at the end of the day, “I felt like wearing a meat dress” seemed to be the main operating reason, which was enough for most people.

Other women featured in the exhibit include Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Kathleen Hanna. Will Kathleen’s mannequin come alive and give Gaga’s mannequin a piece of her mind? Or maybe they will meet at one of the museum’s events, and Hanna will realize Gaga doesn’t deserve her ire after all? No matter what happens, any Hanna-Gaga interaction should make for some juicy gossip. (I’m sorry. I had to.)