The latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar has a pretty adorable interview with Debbie Harry, conducted by none other than Lady Gaga. Now, normally I think it’s annoying when an interviewer talks about herself too much, but she’s Lady fucking Gaga, so there’s a case to be made for different rules applying. (Although let the record show that I find Debbie Harry massively more interesting than Gaga.) I’m actually sort of amazed at how much info about herself she managed to cram into each “question,” but it’s okay because it produced gems like these:

LG: [Harry’s song “China Shoes”] reminds me so much of my life, especially when you mention Brooklyn, because I live in Brooklyn. It reminds me of how sometimes I feel that moments in my life are interrupted because I’m so dedicated to my work. I often feel like my shoes are the only part of me that know what I’m doing all the time because they’re always with me. There’s this one pair of boots that I always wear, and sometimes when I’m so alone in my hotel room, I look at them and I think how they really are the only things in my life that know exactly what I’ve been through all day. So is that what the song was about, or was there a different meaning?

Debbie Harry then had to find a very diplomatic way to say that no, the song was not about Lady Gaga’s magic shoes, not even a little. Which she did, because she’s a classy broad.

This brings up some interesting questions, though. Does Lady Gaga talk to her shoes in some shoe language only they can understand? Are the shoes someday going to write a scandalous tell-all? Is Gags afflicted with objectum sexualis?? It would explain why she wore those dildos on her feet. In related new, the objectum sexualis documentary I just linked to is the craziness, and you should watch it if you haven’t yet.