Lady Gaga apparently went to yoga in Taipei over the weekend, while in town to promote her new album. According to Asia One, in this photo she is seen exiting the yoga studio.

So. How appropriate is this outfit?

Well, first, let’s assume that she’s going to remove her shoes, if only because they could literally kill someone standing next to her.

After that, though, honestly, it’s not an entirely bad choice of ensemble. The fabric looks like it breathes, and it’s always nice to catch a little wind to the vag while down-dogging. I’m a little worried about the fac that she has on lace gloves, because that seems to invite slippage, and that could hinder her practice. One doesn’t want to be worried about a slow, steady descent to the floor when one should be worried about breathing deeply and holding a pose.

Additionally, the turtleneck feature seems possibly like a poor call — sweat dripping down there and getting stuck would be horribly itchy.

Otherwise, I think this is a totally fair and legit yoga ensemble. I’ve certainly seen just as tight in my yoga class, and if men can go around with their junk gently featured through their spandex pants, Lady Gaga can wear a lace onesie.

What do you think?

[via Buzzfeed]