David and Victoria Beckham are already rich and famous and unspeakably beautiful, so we were pretty sure they were already aristocrats. We recently discovered they aren’t, not really at least, but that situation could be rectified shortly as David Beckham is rumored to be getting a Knighthood from the Queen at New Year’s.

It’s a testament to the popularity of Posh and Becks that everyone seems to think this is a great idea. British Vogue is already addressing them as Sir David and Lady Victoria, while British Glamour’s Jenn Selby gushed:

We knew they had it in them as soon as Beckingham Palace was christened. But now it seems our dreams of living in a country in which VB and Dave are officially ‘Sir and Lady Beckham’ could be a reality.

It’s all still speculation at this point, because the Cabinet Office, which issues the awards on behalf of the Queen, is staying mum.

“We don’t confirm names or speculate on anything until the list is announced on December 31,” a spokesperson said. “Generally the letters are sent out in mid to late November, so those being honored will find out then.”

If David Beckham is knighted, the award would likely be presented by Prince William, who now works as a full-time royal and has been presenting recent awards. With Kate Middleton and Lady Victoria Beckham doing fancy British things in the same place, we can pretty much guarantee that’s a dubbing ceremony we’re going to watch.

Are they called dubbing ceremonies? We honestly have no idea how aristocrats work. But we have pretty active imaginations, so despite having absolutely no idea what any of this entails, we really hope Victoria Beckham really does become “Lady Victoria.” Here’s why:


1. We are pretty sure this means Harper Beckham will marry Prince George and then become Queen and everyone in the U.K. will get a pair of Victoria Beckham sunglasses.


2. Everyone will call her Lady Spice, which will be hilarious.


3.  Victoria Beckham will have to start producing a line of British Royal Hats, and we’re still trying to make those happen over here.


4. A Knighthood comes with a recurring role on Downton Abbey, and this season could use a little spicing up.


5. Victoria Beckham will dress the Queen in a cut-to-there tartan jumpsuit with cut-out detailing and a peplum.


6. There is no Reason 6.


7. All British children for the next 30 years will be named either George or Victoria. Remembering names just got a whole lot easier.


8. More federal funding to help find a cure for “Posh-itis,” a debilitating shoulder condition brought about by carrying too-large handbags.


9. All the other Spice Girls will get titles too, because otherwise it wouldn’t be fair. We look forward to seeing Lady Ginger Spice at the races.


10. David and Victoria Beckham will finally stop pretending to be “just like us,” which will make us feel a whole lot better about not being just like them.

Via Vogue UK/Photo: Getty