imnoangelIf there’s one recent campaign that’s received more backlash than its worth, it’s Victoria’s Secret‘s “Perfect Body” campaign. It’s been the target of countless body-shaming accusations due to both the name of the campaign and the brand’s proclivity to use exclusively thin models. Well, another response has just launched to rally us against the idea of the “Perfect Body”—Lane Bryant‘s #ImNoAngel Campaign.

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The campaign, which launched earlier today, features Lane Bryant’s new plus size lingerie collection, Cacique, and draws clear comparisons to the Victoria’s Secret campaign we’ve all come to know. According to the Lane Bryant CEO and president, Linda Heasley,

“[The] ‘#ImNoAngel’ campaign is designed to empower ALL women to love every part of herself. Lane Bryant firmly believes that she is sexy and we want to encourage her to confidently show it, in her own way.”
I mean, #yas. This is exactly what all companies, not just lingerie companies, should be doing for women. We should all be empowering each other to dress for ourselves and love the way we look, not try to conform to some idealistic and impossible standard. Sure, I love Victoria’s Secret lingerie as much as the next girl, but I know that, on any given day, I can walk in and out of that story feeling terrible about myself. The #ImNoAngel campaign speaks to everyone, not just the twiggies and runway models. 
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Take a look at some of the pieces from the new collection and try to tell me that you’re not making your VERY early Christmas list in your head:
laney bryant 1
lane bryant 2

lane bryant 3

I don’t know about you, but all of these pieces are seriously right up my alley. Because, you know, I like fancy underwear, and, of course, #ImNoAngel.

(Photos: Lane Bryant)