(Photo: Lane Bryant)

When Lane Bryant launched their #ImNoAngel Campaign most people applauded it for being the body positive opposite of Victoria’s Secret‘s Perfect Body campaign. The #ImNoAngel campaign featured plus-size models posing in lingerie in beautiful black-and-white photos. People couldn’t help comparing Lane Bryant’s photos with the Victoria’s Secret campaign, given the intentional similarities. The public’s reaction to the campaign was mostly positive, but writer Amanda Kate Richards raised a very valid point about the big downfalls of the campaign.

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In a feature for xoJane Amanda stated that she “didn’t think it was healthy or progressive to pit fat bodies against thin bodies.” The campaign name creates the comparison and Amanda points out how the media only perpetuated the Victoria’s Secret versus Lane Bryant debate with their headlines.Amanda Kate Richards

(Photo: Amanda Kate Richards)

Another important point that she discusses is that the campaign features little body diversity. It features plus-size models with similar proportional bodies with small stomachs. She argues that even though Lane Bryant is a plus-size retailer, they never feature a true range of plus-size women in their ads. Plus-size women come in all different shapes and sizes so their campaign should reflect that. To get her point across, Amanda who is a size 18, stripped down to her underwear and took photos of herself.Amanda Kate Richards Lane Bryant

(Photo: Amanda Kate Richards)

Amanda is also encouraging other women to post their own photos to Instagram using the tags #ImNoAngel and #ImNoModelEither to show the true beautiful diversity of bodies.

No ad campaign will ever be completely perfect but if retailers take a look at the Instagram pictures and actually listen to what their customers are saying, hopefully they can come up with something amazing. There is no need to be putting different people against each other, ads should be celebratory and that is what the #ImNoModelEither photos are all about.

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