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I am overjoyed to write that I just laid my nearsighted eyes on the Isabel Toledo line for Lane Bryant, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Seriously– the look book is full of beautiful clothing for plus size women. Not beautiful clothing for plus size women in that way that means it’s inferior to clothing for sizes under 12–actual beautiful clothing that anyone would be happy to put on their bodies. There’s not a sack, poncho, tent, or “please don’t look at me shirt” in the bunch, and I’m basically fist pumping like a lunatic over here. I’ll just show myself out.

lace cowl-neck dress lane bryant embroidered long jacket

The line is romantic, sexy, and elegant–it’s lot of sheath dresses, embellished jackets, and the non-doily lace. It’s basically the opposite of most clothing made for plus sizes, which normally takes every pain possible to obscure the bodies. These don’t make any excuses or try to hide. These clothes say “look at me.” Hot damn.

hankerchief cocktail dress

lane bryant vest tunic

It’s not a secret that the state of clothing over a size 12 is completely abysmal. Most big name retailers straight up refuse to even make their clothing fit a diverse audience, and it drives me batshit that stores like Lane Bryant are even necessary. Bodies over a size 12 are not a niche group. Bodies over a size 12 are bodies, just like the ones under a size 12. But until the powers that be figure out that dividing up consumers according to something as arbitrary as dress size is absurd, I’m hugely gratified to see that someone listened and made some beautiful options that don’t aim to hide. The collection will be available on March 17.

lane bryan stretch v lace dress

lane bryant embroidered sheath dress

Photos: Lane Bryant