plus size lingerie

After stunning us with their remarkable collaboration with Isabel Toledo last week, Lane Bryant has announced plans for a new collaboration–a plus size lingerie line with Sophie Theallet. I don’t think I have to tell you how happy this makes me. Okay, I’ll tell you. I’m basically dancing in my underpants right now.

As Women’s Wear Daily reports, Lane Bryant’s spokesperson said of the collection:

We want to bring something special to our clients, and show that she doesn’t have to be excluded from what many women enjoy. Beautiful clothing should not be limited to size 12 and under.

To borrow an expression from my friend and colleague Bethany Ramos:

For reasons that defy comprehension, it’s apparently a novel idea that women of all sizes enjoy clothing and have an interest in feeling sexy. Sexy happens at every single size, and yet the clothing to back that up is absurdly limited. I don’t know why someone decided that lingerie is predominantly for sizes 12 and below, when lingerie should be for anyone who wants it. Everyone deserves to feel sexy, and for many women, lingerie is a step in that direction. Sexiness is not a quality reserved for sizes 12 and below.

The line will be available in sizes 14-28, which will serve a much broader range than your usual big box lingerie retailers (cough Victoria’s Secret cough). As I’ve said time and time again, ideally all stores would carry a diverse range of sizes instead of a need for niche, plus-size stores, but in the absence of that happening, I’ll take any movement towards making plus size fashion as similar to “straight sized” fashion as possible.

Photo: Jack Kadaj/Getty Images