rightfit-yellow.jpgLane Bryant, the largest plus-size apparel retailer has developed the formula in finding the perfect jeans. 3 sizes/shapes :: square, triangle and round. 3 colors :: yellow, red and blue.

“We understand that no two plus-size bodies are alike and have now created Right Fit to provide a better fit for every woman no matter her shape or size,” said LuAnn Via, president of Lane Bryant.Right Fit divides plus-size women into three distinct categories based on individual body shape and size – not just the size that fits your largest body part. A Yellow body type is straight from the waist through the hips. Women with a Red fit are slightly curved from the waist to the hips. A woman with a Blue body type has a small waist and is fullest at the hips.

My sister-in-law was nice to enough to sample the jeans for me. She tried on Yellow 4 and Yellow 5 according to her measurements. At first glance I actually liked the dark wash and length myself. From my sister-in-laws perspectives, she liked how the back and when I say that I meant her derriere fit. The way it flares at the bottom also earned major points as it goes all the way down just enough to cover her shoes which she prefers. Her main concern was the waist. Both jeans, Yellow 4 and Yellow 5 were a little too high-waisted for her taste. Also, because she has had 4 C-Sections, low-rise jeans is more her choice to avoid the tummy area to stick out.

To get your own right fit, check out the website to provide your measurements. Measure your waist and hips. To get exactly your right fit though, if you have waist and length preference, my sister-in-law and I suggests getting measured at the store instead to find which color and size you fit into. Lane Bryant was actually very accommodating to offer this service for us but we were too excited to see and feel the jeans right away.

Overall, Lane Bryant and Right Fit has a great idea. Plus-Size women will just have to measure themselves or get measured at LB store to find the Right Fit jeans for them, specifically.

*Lane Bryant