Lanvin will debut a line of insanely expensive children’s clothes later this summer, according to an announcement made yesterday in Women’s Wear Daily. Via The Cut:

“’We really want to stay in the luxury world,” [Lanvin executive Thierry Andretta] said, adding that the fabrics will cost about ten times more than those normally used for children’s clothing.

The first collection will consist of 25 pieces for girls 4 to 10 years old, including dresses, T-shirts, coats, sweaters, and accessories. It’ll be sold in Lanvin boutiques as well as select wholesale outlets starting in November.”

You don’t say, Thierry. What better way to demonstrate your fabulous wealth to the masses than by clothing your children in thousand-dollar frocks upon which they will inevitably spill their (imported, French) chocolate milk? And then there is the petite issue of your little mini-mes outgrowing their fineries. Will folks donate their used couture to homeless shelters, or simply destroy them out front so all the poor children can watch?

Shelling out for well-made luxury goods you’ll be able to wear for many years to come is one thing, but this just seems a wee bit offensive. There have been so many absurdly impractical developments in the world of fashion this week, I feel like we should add a “this is why capitalism will fall sometime in the next thirty years” category to our regular list. Seriously, take a gander at Alber Elbez in the story I linked. He even looks like a 19th Century oil tycoon who’s grown slightly overweight from feasting on the blood of the working class. I’m going to start digging my freak-out cave as soon as I get home. What, oh what, will become of all of us?