laundry-thiefMy last New York apartment building had a laundry thief. It was hugely annoying, because you would have to spend an hour and a half or more babysitting your damn laundry to make sure nobody took your clothes. That was valuable Internet time wasted just to avoid having someone steal all your pillowcases.

But there’s apparently a different kind of laundry thief running around Shanghai right now, and I would like to sign up to be visited by him or her, because this thief actually does the victim’s laundry before leaving.

According to Shanghaiist, a family returned home from a recent weeklong Holiday to find someone had broken into their home and stolen food and some electronics. But the thief had also done their laundry for them. At first they were upset about a missing monitor and some stolen food, which the thief appears to have been cooked and eaten in the house, but the thief then cleaned up after the cooking. Most of my roommates haven’t even cleaned up after their own cooking, so I would already rather live with this laundry-doing thief than a lot of people I could find looking for roommates on Craigslist.

The thief didn’t even half-ass the laundry job, either. The woman who lived in the house said she found all her husband’s previously dirty clothes, which had been left to be dealt with after the vacation, had been carefully laundered and hung out to dry by the world’s tidiest thief.

“During a sweep of the house, police found a knife and drug paraphernalia they believed were the suspect’s, and stated the burglar was likely addicted to drugs,” Shanghaiist’s Bruce Cost wrote. “If so, he should probably add OCD meds to his repertoire.”

Being robbed would still be terrible, but losing an old monitor isn’t such a big pain in the grand scheme of things, and I really do hate laundry.

Via Shanghaiist/Photo: Shutterstock