Lauren Bacall became an icon like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Photographs of her from 60 years ago look as fabulous today as they did when they were originally published. She exuded a natural elegance and innate flare for fashion that today’s crop tops and hipster looks cannot compete with. She was part of Hollywood’s Golden Age, and try as we might, we never seen to be able to recapture its essence now, which is why stars like Lauren will continue to fascinate us. Lauren lit up the screen in her roles in classic films like Shock Treatment, How To Marry A Millionaire and The Big Sleep, and was equally ravishing off-camera. To remember Lauren Bacall, we take a look back at her timeless style from films and her real life:


13th October 1954:  American actress Lauren Bacall and actor Charlton Heston at the film premiere of 'A Star Is Born', starring Judy Garland.  (Photo by Jay Scott/BIPs/Getty Images)

A Star Is Born (1954) may have featured Judy Garland, but Lauren looked every inch the movie star at the film’s premiere with fellow actor Charlton Heston.

2.Dark Passage (1947)

Lauren starred with her husband Humphrey Bogart in a few different films. Here, in Dark Passage (1947), they look like true film noir characters in elegant jackets.

3.Frank Sinatra and Lauren Bacall, 1957

Pictured here with one-time fiancé Frank Sinatra, Lauren appears far more elegant than her surroundings but still looks at ease.

4. Film star Humphrey De Forest Bogart (1899-1957) and his fourth wife Lauren Bacall walk their son Stevie through the grounds of Isleworth film studios, where he has been working on 'The African Queen'.   (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

It looks like sophisticated style runs in the family as evidenced by this photo of Lauren and Humphrey Bogart taking their son Stevie out for a walk around a film studio’s grounds.

5.December 1946:  American actress Lauren Bacall wearing an all wool suit designed by Leah Rhodes.  (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

This wool suit designed by Leah Rhodes could still be worn today, and everyone would think that it is equally fabulous.

6.Key Largo (1948)

Would you believe that this image of Lauren and Humphrey is from the film Key Largo shot in 1948? I love the full, pleated skirt paired with the flat espadrilles.

7.Shock Treatment (1964)

In Shock Treatment (1964), Lauren adapted her wardrobe to suit the popular 1960s mod style, but never lost her impeccable elegance.

8.The Big Sleep (1946)

People just don’t wear hats the way they used to. The baseball caps and sun hats of today have nothing on Lauren’s chic beret.  And check out that stiletto manicure.


Lauren and Frank leave a theater looking like the Old Hollywood version of a power couple with her in a fur coat and him in a suit and hat.

10.American actress Lauren Bacall.    (Photo by Baron/Getty Images)

Whether the pictures are black-and-white or in color, Lauren always looked stunning. All of the images show that you don’t need today’s Photoshop to capture true grace.

(Photos: Getty Images, WENN)