Lauren Bush recently got married to David Lauren, resulting in her delightful transformation into Lauren Bush Lauren. In a tasteful nod to the current economic climate, Bush chose a simple off-the-rack white sheath.

Just kidding! David’s dad Ralph Lauren and a team of 100 spent more than 3000 hours crafting her custom wedding gown. Here are the gushing sentiments:

Bush Lauren: “It was like a dream come true. We sat together and arrived at this silhouette. It isn’t Victorian exactly. I wanted something modern as well, so there is the high-necked collar and puffed shoulders with the large open back.”

Vogue: “Made of richly embellished fabrics, the dress’s top layer is featherweight tulle in antique ivory. Some 100 craftspeople spent more than 3,000 hours hand-embroidering the tulle with delicate motifs of small flowers and Renaissance-era scroll designs in ivory silk and metallic thread, Swarovski Elements crystals, and off-white pearl beads.”

And here it is again, from Norma Jean Roy‘s shoot with the happy couple for December’s Vogue. For your supreme, almost orgasmic enjoyment, the editorial (and characteristically fawning piece) is called “Western Union.”

One more. You are seeing this correctly:

(via Vogue)