When I occasionally rave about Lauren Conrad’s outfit, like her gingham top and skinny jeans, or the white sundress, Christina Blue dress, and even her black tiered dress, you know I’m really in a good mood and genuinely like what she has pulled out of her closet. Usually, I think she’s boring as hell. Her personality is so bland. You can see it from her “staring contest” moments on The Hills. When she’s interviewed on TV, or the contractual appearances to any MTV events. This plain and boring quality reflects her Lauren Conrad Collection. The clothing line that Kitson dropped for lackluster sales but is now being moved to Bloomingdale’s (I’m assuming). Now if only she could actually describe what her collection is in more than 20 words. In her defense though, what other fashion terms can you use to describe her boring clothes that are prized way too freaking high?

You and I can probably go to a fabric store or Wal-Mart, and buy a sewing machine while were at it and come up with something more fabulous and affordable than what Lauren Conrad is offering for $250 a piece. We might throw a couple of prints in there too. What do you say? I don’t sew, but I’m very confident I can create a better dress than what I’m staring (above) at right now.

(Image : Newscom)