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If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times: if I could magically transform into any one person on this planet, it would be Lauren Conrad. She’s just so elegant and wonderful and her entire Instagram feed has a rose gold overtone and I love everything about it. I also happen to obsess over her clothing line on a regular basis, which I can personally confirm is wonderful after having added several pieces from her runway collection to my wardrobe. While we still have to wait for her official LC Lauren Conrad spring collection to arrive, her Paper Crown collection is here, and it is simply beautiful.

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A little background on Paper Crown for those of you who are unfamiliar. The brand was founded in 2010 by LC and Maura McManus, one of Lauren’s best friends and business partners. The brand has produced 17 collections to date, and describes LC’s designs as such:

“[The designs are] a modern take on classic style, with an emphasis on fabric fit to create staples for the contemporary women’s closest. The collection is composed of romantic dresses, feminine blouses, chic day wear, and tailored basics. The result: an understated elegance that is both effortless and sophisticated.”

Effortless and sophisticated it right. The entire collection (the whole brand, really, if you take the time go through the site) is breezy, comfortable, and the kind of clothing you can just throw on in a minute and still manage to look put together.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read on for some of my favorite pieces!

Bethesda Dress ($264)

bethesda dress

Can someone invite me to a fancy springtime garden party or backyard barbecue so I have an excuse to buy this dress?

Marietta Skirt ($188)

marietta skirt

This is the perfect office skirt. It’s long enough so as to pass any office dress code, but cute enough for you to feel like you’re not sacrificing your style for any sort of clothing regulations. Plus, it’s really versatile—I could see this working with a t-shirt and flats or wedges or a lace-up tank with ankle-strap heels.

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Norfolk Top ($132)

norfold top

I’m pretty sure I’ve complained more than once on this site about how much I hate crop tops, so does liking this one make me a hypocrite? It does, doesn’t it?

Sonoma Dress ($305)

sonoma dress

Okay, so I know that, at first glance, this kind of just seems like a normal dress, but LC herself wore a yellow version of it to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in 2015, and if it’s good enough for her, it’s more than good enough for me.

Park City Shorts ($143)

park city shorts

I’m not normally one to wear shorts to work (I just think showing too much leg is inappropriate, but my knees sweat in the summertime, so I might have to get over that little rule of mine…), but these could be great. They’re long enough so as to be appropriate, and the higher waist is just begging for a white button-down and Oxfords.

Mansfield Top ($123)

mansfield top

I would seriously live in this shirt. It’s perfect for lazy Sundays or mornings when you’ve overslept.

The collection, which ranges in price from $123 for a top to $305 for a dress, is available to shop now, and it’s already selling out! My advice: stock up before it’s too late. Hoard the clothes if you have to. I fully support that kind of behavior.

Click here to shop the entire Paper Crown Spring 2016 collection now!