In December, fashion blogger and aspiring model Lauren Scruggs lost her hand and suffered other serious injuries in an accident involving an airplane propeller. More details have finally emerged with the release of a federal report and a recording of the emergency phone calls made just after the incident.

According to the report (via TMZ), “the pilot of the plane claims he attempted to warn Scruggs about the propeller and guide her to safety. When he thought she was out of harm’s way he returned to his seat, only to then hear someone scream, ‘Stop, Stop.’ ”

As for the recording, it begins with a woman saying, “A girl walked into an airplane prop. I need an ambulance immediately. Is that her hand? […] I think it cut her hand off. […] She’s on the ground, she’s not moving.”

The tape goes on in increasingly grim detail: a man gets on the line and answers a series of questions about Scruggs’ condition as someone cries in the background. Basically, it reflects exactly the trauma you’d expect at the scene of a young woman struck by a moving airplane propeller. We highly recommend not listening to the call, as it is terrible in a way that should not surprise you.

Let’s leave this news on a positive note, though: happily, TMZ also has a photo of Scruggs’ first public appearance since the accident and she looks great.