rock the dots

(Instagram/LC Lauren Conrad)

It’s no secret that I’d do just about anything Lauren Conrad wanted me to do, fashion-wise. When she came out with her first Minnie Mouse line, it was all I could do to not buy every graphic tee in sight, and when she released her runway collection, I bit the bullet and got my hands on a few pieces. Hell, I almost considered going and chopping my hair off when she first cut her hair into the now grown-out and slightly ginger lob. So my wallet (though not my heart) was very disappointed to hear about LC’s latest Rock the Dots collection for Kohl’s. God knows I don’t need to be spending any more money, but look! There it goes!

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Ever the Instagram superstar, LC has been posting clues as to what her latest Disney collaboration would be for quite some time now. She released the news recently both on said Instagram and on her website, and the pictures are just too cute for words. Her Disney Rock the Dots collection is, once again, inspired by Minnie Mouse, albeit in a less obvious way.

She only shared a sneak peek, but if she’s to be understood, the line will include Peter Pan-collared blouses, feminine fit-and-flare dresses, and maybe even jeans (!!), all printed with updated variations of Minnie’s classic dots. Basically, if your inner five-year-old had a fabulous sense of style, this is what she’d come up with. The photo of the top of this post is just one adorable number. Check out the new dress she teased along with it:

rock the dots dress

(Photo: Lauren Conrad)

P.S.: those shoes are available for purchase on Kohl’ now, just in case you love them as much as I do.

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Since it really is just the sneakiest of peeks—LC isn’t one to give out all of her best ideas all willy-nilly—unfortunately, that’s all we really know, clothing-wise. Lauren did let slip that the collection would launch in Kohl’s stores and online at Kohl’ on January 22, just in time for National Polka Dot Day. As far as pricing, if previous collections are any indication, the pieces can go for anywhere from $9.99 to $75, though it usually sticks to the lower end of the spectrum (and there’s almost always a sale of some sort).

And that’s it! That’s all she wrote (literally) for the new Disney Rock the Dots Collection for Kohl’s. As always, I’ll be counting down the days until LC releases this sure-to-be-wonderful line, and if any of you see me at your local Kohl’s come January 22, just get out of my way or prepare to be bowled over.