Say what you will about Lea Michele, at least the woman does not do things by halves. She turned up last night at the Taste for a Cure event in Los Angeles benefitting the Jonsson cancer Center Foundation wearing the most creatively naked use of flesh-colored tulle we’ve seen all year.

The Naeem Khan dress was particularly surprising because this wasn’t a very glamorous event, either. The second most dressed-up person there was Alyson Hannigan in a smart gray T-shirt dress that would have been equally appropriate for a PTA meeting. But Lea Michele had an invitation, so she was going to show up wearing just a sparkly tattoo. If that made her the most overdressed person at the event, then so be it. That’s just how she rolls.

Honestly, this look is just not doing it for me. It looks overdone and try-hard even by Lea Michele standards. Starlets have been wearing sheer illusion into the ground all year, but this is one of the most egregious examples of, “Look at me, I’m almost kinda naked!” we’ve seen in a while.

The length of the dress is the biggest problem with this particularly creation. It hits at the wrong point on petite Lea Michele’s legs. Longer or shorter would have been fine, but right at this awkward, slightly below mid-calf length it just looks chops her off and makes her look like she’s wearing a borrowed dress meant for a much taller friend.

The second biggest problem is that awkward hem around her neck. An elegant, flattering use of that kind of pantyhose material (Sheer Illusion, for my industry peeps) is very difficult to achieve, in large part because it’s almost impossible to avoid overt, eye-catching hems like that one. The fabric is supposed to look invisible, but it never really does. Thus every time we notice it, it looks like a mistake. She’s basically naked and decorated in glitter up there, but I can’t look away from that white line around her neck and the ones at her elbows.

The styling is also pretty heavy-handed. The shoes seem too dark and heavy for that dress, while Michele’s eye makeup seems meant to evoke Old Hollywood glamour (yawn), but is veering heavily towards Rocket Raccoon. The orange lips are pretty fantastic on her complexion, though. MIchele doesn’t often go for that shade of orangey red, and it’s a really good one on her.

We’d love to see Michele keep the lipstick and try a simpler look next time. Something cooler would probably come off really well on her.

(Photo: WENN)