Let me be straight with you guys: I’m a bit of a truther when it comes to celebrities. I assume most things they do are PR stunts because I am cynical and don’t trust famous people. Therefore, when I saw that Glee star Lea Michele had a “nip slip” on the set of her new music video, “On My Way.”

While shooting the video in Palmdale, California over the weekend, Lea apparently didn’t realize just how low her tank top was getting and–pop! There are her boobs. Just right there. She’s talking and making eye contact with some other woman on the shoot, but there they are, staring along with her. And for some reason, nobody told her. Or rather, nobody told her until after the paparazzi (or whomever snapped the photo) had taken a shot.

Lea Michele is no stranger to risque looks. For example, that Milly Spring 2014 dress she wore that barely concealed her underwear for Glee‘s 100th episode party. It was lace, see-through and overall a rather silly look, but would she actually go a step further and just straight up whip out her boobs? I mean, if she wanted to do that and did it, that would be fine by me! But I do not think this was some accidental nip slip. I honestly am having a hard time believing that she was just standing there, hanging out while her boobs accidentally hung right out with her. Am I the only one who’s a little suspicious?

If this was a planned stunt to get some buzz going about the new music video, well, it totally worked. I am discussing this music video right now! And that is why PR stunts continue to be done. That said, if it was unplanned, then I think Lea Michele needs some better friends to talk to because somebody should have informed her that he nipples were making their own debut.