Lea Michele Family Equality Dinner

Lea Michele attended the Family Equality Council’s Los Angeles Awards Dinner and wore a cool black jumpsuit. The look was sexy but casual and Lea was very lucky that she did not have a wardrobe malfunction. Lea’s jumpsuit had a deep plunging neckline that went to her waist. Thankfully there weren’t any wardrobe disasters on the red carpet. Lea (or her stylist) knew that it needed a lot of double-sided tape to keep her boobs from popping out. Lea is a red carpet pro and wouldn’t let that something like an exposed boob happen.

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Leah’s jumpsuit is by Mason By Michelle Mason. The plunging neckline is balanced by the relaxed silhouette. It has wide pant legs and it is tailored by not catsuit skintight. Lea accessorized the black jumpsuit with pointy-toe red high heels and a simple cuff. Also note how her red nail polish matches her shoes.

Lea Michele Family Equality Dinner Close Up

Leah’s bangs have also made a comeback. She has a very long parted fringe. If it was any longer, she probably wouldn’t be able to see and would need to be led around like Sia, but this length is perfect for drawing attention to her teal eyeliner.

Overall, Leah’s look was the perfect blend of sexy and effortlessly chic. It was simple but had a few unique styling details (the red shoes and turquoise eyeliner) and exposed enough cleavage without revealing a nipple. And cleavage or no cleavage, who doesn’t love a jumpsuit?

(Photos: JB Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images)