Beyonce GQ

When I first read that Beyonce is on the cover of GQ‘s “Sexiest Women of the Century” issue after it was leaked yesterday, I had two thoughts:

  1. Well, that makes sense.
  2. But, wait, it’s 2013 — what a peculiar year to choose the sexiest women “of the century.” Do they mean between 1913 and 2013? Or some other century? Because there are plenty of women in the course of history who could give Beyonce a run for her money.

Nevertheless, if we’re talking about the most widely regarded as sexy woman in the public eye right now, Beyonce’s way up there on the list. My fellow writers and I had a briefly heated (well, “warmed” is more accurate) discussion and I came to the conclusion that I primarily like Beyonce because I love dancing to her music when I’m wasted or angry and I really miss Destiny’s Child. Like, a lot.

Don’t you dare pretend I’m alone in that sentiment.

The photo leaked via a since-deleted Instagram page, but the issue itself will not be out for another few weeks. Beyonce’s cover shot features the singer wearing a shirt that might as well be cotton pasties and the world’s ugliest underwear. Now, I like mismatched lingerie as much as the next person, but if you’re going to style a photo for the cover of a magazine discussing sexiness, shouldn’t you avoid using underwear made for a 14-year-old who shops at Hot Topic? (I say this because I was a mall goth — i.e. not a “real” participant in goth culture — in middle school and owned several pairs like this.) I realize that the cover’s point is not to be fashionable, but I’m nevertheless irritated by the lack of color coordination. Or I was, until I was re-distracted by her underboob and fantastic hair and fantastic figure.

The initial scan was apparently performed by somebody who doesn’t know how to line up a camera parallel to a surface, thus avoiding this weird funhouse mirror thing she now has going on. For a less Baby Got Back version, here’s a more proportionate scan via Gawker: