In case you’ve been living under a rock, Etsy is a fabulous e-commerce site where artisans and designers can sell their handmade creation to folks all over the world. It is a great resource for those who shop vintage or eco-friendly fashion, as many sellers and designers specialize in those areas. Former Project Runway winner, Leanne Marshall, also has an Etsy shop and currently has a few sample sale pieces up for grabs.

Bravo Photo: Jay Sullivan

Leanne sat quietly in the background on season 6 of Project Runway and she ended up taking the prize. After some issues with Bluefly, Leanne is back designing on her own. One of my favorite pieces on the site is Leanne’s wedding gown. Priced at just around $1300, the dress is on par with other wedding dress price points, but outdoes them when it comes to design. The gorgeous gown has an ethereal feel thanks to Leanne’s signature draping technique.