I have this one friend who always seems to be ahead of the trends. She is just one of those types who starts wearing something seemingly freaky–like drop crotch pants or clogs–and then 6 months later, we see it everywhere. I am always the first to make fun of her, and the first to grovel for the item once I realize she’s a style genius. Anyway, a few months ago, my friend struts up in this collared black leather dress with silver snaps. I told her to go back to the leather daddy club before PETA finds her. Friend, I was wrong.

Since bringing you proof of the bonafide trend post-NYFW, I realized that if designers like Doo.RiCynthia Rowley, and Cushnie et Ochs are getting all up in that leather, then maybe I can pull it off too. Here are my reasons to start loving the leather dress.