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Leather jackets are my kryptonite. While I own one that I absolutely love, I literally look at them online and try them on in the stores even thought I know I will not purchase them.

So yes, anything under $200 that says it’s leather is either the steal of the century or it’s faux. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about faux leather, but a lot of times, it can look really cheap and it’s just not worth the price, even if it’s a good one. The best thing to look for is a darker color (leave the white to your sneakers) and always opt for something that has really cool details, like lapel pins or quilting. And if you can find a real leather jacket for around $200 (vintage or otherwise), you buy it immediately or I will never, ever forgive you.

Here are some awesome leather (or really “leather”) jackets to make you feel cool-girl chic in the Spring.

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Members Only Vegan Leather Jacket (Urban Outfitters, $69.99)


I’m a sucker for a good colored leather jacket, and this maroon (or oxblood, or burgundy or dark freakin’ red) one is just kind of perfect.

BB Dakota Murphy Taupe Vegan Leather Jacket (LuLu*s, $91)


I know I said to opt for darker colors, but because this has the non-leather panels, it feels luxurious instead of cheap.

ASOS CURVE Washed Finished PU Biker (ASOS, $102)

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The finish on this jacket is so rad. I’ve never seen it before and while I usually don’t condone blue faux leather, I think I’ll be making an exception for this one.

Levi’s Cowl Neck Faux Leather Jacket (Nordstrom, $98)


A leather, open topper is always a good thing to have at the beginning of Spring.

Zip Leather Jacket (Mango, $189.99)


You can never really go wrong with a classic biker jacket. The best thing about Mango and Zara (see below) is that they have tons and tons of styles, so you can really find one that fits you best.

Faux Leather Badge Jacket (Zara, $129)


Now this is just the perfect jacket for me and my obsession with lapel pins.

BNCI by Blanc Noir Garment Dyed Faux Leather Jacket (Nordstrom Rack, $59.97)


Another cool take on the biker jacket, this two-tone one work well if you don’t want to be in all black.

Pocket Jacket (Mango, $59.99)


Usually when you think “leather jacket,” you usually think the moto style but a slim bomber jacket style is always a good option if you’re not into the biker-chic look.