Unforgettable Moments by Lela RosePublicity is a strange business, where PR reps try really hard to tell the story of their company that they want to share. Usually that means reshaping the truth. But yesterday, a Lela Rose PR rep accidentally shared the information that everyone actually cares about: who DIDN’T show up to her company’s fashion show.

According to Page Six, this publicist meant to send out a tip sheet, but instead included an excel sheet of their invite list — including highlights of all the celebs who were invited but declined their invitation.

And so, celebrities who will not be attending the Lela Rose fashion show this year included:

Zoe Saldana
Kerry Washington
Emily Blunt
Ashley Greene
Mandy Moore

It almost makes you feel bad for Brittany Snow and Katie Cassidy, the two celebs who appeared to have nothing better to do than attend. And since truth telling is not really the business of PR, the rep who sent out this email is likely not long for that world.

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