Lena Dunham is a polarizing figure, but from a style perspective I find myself loving her because she doesn’t pick the safe, boring options. For a celebrity of her caliber, I imagine she must have a stylist–if only to negotiate loans and wrangle alterations–but it really doesn’t seem like she does, because Dunham always picks the weird stuff that no stylist would recommend. Her Zara eyeball dress might not have played well in Peoria, but it was quirky and hilarious and I loved it. (Full disclosure: I bought it after I saw it on her and I adore it.)

This weekend she appeared at the 2014 BookExpo America in New York to present her new book, Not That Kind of Girl, and in her crazy Fausto Puglisi palm tree print shirt and full, sculptural, heavily embellished mini skirt she must easily have been the best-dressed writer there.

The skirt has a cool, pannier-esque shape to the hips, and I love the way it is encrusted with gold bead embroidery and crystals. It looks like fireworks are going off all over it. The skirt is a perfect length for Dunham, and I like that she paired it with tangerine pumps that look very festive and summery. (Is anyone else craving a piña colada right now?)


She went with a smoky eye and nude lipstick, which seems to have mostly vanished under all the flash photography. Dunham also opted out of jewelry, save for a ring. Going without makes sense, considering how heavily decorated the skirt already is, but some earrings or a necklace wouldn’t have been out of place to help draw the eye back up to her face. Overall, though, this look is fantastic, and Lena Dunham was almost certainly the best-dressed person at book prom.

(Photos: WENN)