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Just when you thought you knew all every single thing about Lena Dunham that it was possible for her to tell us in words or images, along comes another reminder that her generosity with personal info is infinite. Or should I say…bottomless? (I AM SORRY.)

Everyone knows Lena is not fond of wear pants when filming Girls, but did you know she also dislikes wearing underpants? It’s true! In a recent tweet, she writes:

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.42.04 PM

That’s right: were it not for the dogged underpants buying of the Girls wardrobe crew, the show would be even more naked than it already is. How naked? Think about the number of scenes in which Hannah is not wearing pants, than multiply that times vulva. It would be the nakedest show on TV. Game Of Thrones, True Blood, and Boardwalk Empire put together would not be as naked!

While it’s nice that she signed off with “I love the @girlsHBO” wardrobe crew, I’m not sure this tweet came out quite the way Lena intended it. Like, she thinks she’s writing, “look at me, with my free spirited refusal to wear underwear, it’s a good thing my employees humor me, LOL!” But it reads more to me like, “I am the boss from hell, come to rub my whole crotchal area on your reusable wardrobe pieces unless you go out of your way to buy extra things, LOL!”

For insights into what other wacky boss stuff Lena Dunham does on the set of HBO’s Girls, please refer to this educational video:

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