If you thought that Lena Dunham only started appearing on magazine covers because of the success of Girls, you’re wrong. It turns out that Lena was gracing the glossy pages of magazines when she was an actual girl, way back in 2003. And she wasn’t just in random photos for some street style page, she was a Teen Vogue contributor at 17. If you don’t believe me, you can go to your parent’s attic and take a look at your old magazines, or you can just look at this throwback photo Lena posted on Instagram:

Lena Dunham Teen Vogue Throwback Instagram

Lena captioned the photo:

“Holy crap @beeshaffer found our @teenvoguecontributor page from 2003! Look @amytastley! “‘We’re all pretty different, which is great’ says Bee” <3″

Lena is pictured second from the left with other people from Teen Vogue‘s New York panel including, Bee ShafferAnna Wintour‘s daughter, who Lena gives a shout-out to in her post, along with Editor Amy Astley. (Aren’t you shocked that Bee was one of the Teen Vogue “players?”)

I like looking at old photos of celebrities–especially when they are wearing platform sandals like Lena is–but I would have loved to know 17-year-old Lena’s thoughts on teenage beauty mistakes, proms, high school cliques and puberty. Especially after 11-year-old Lena told Vogue in 1998, “I find Calvin Klein really hard to respect because he’s everywhere.” Oh, how I wish I had these magazines and they weren’t buried away in my parent’s basement/probably thrown in the trash. Regardless of what the articles specifically said, this proves that Lena had plans to take over the world long before she ever dreamed up Hannah Horvath and Co. At 17, most of us were more concerned about prom dresses and going to the mall to buy more Lip Smackers and Hollister tank tops–and maybe we were starting to think about college applications. Lena was already published in a magazine before she was old enough to legally be considered an adult and buy a lottery ticket. She’s the original Tavi Gevinson.

(Photos: Getty Images, Instagram/LenaDunham)