Are you sick of Lena Dunham yet? No? Good. Me neither. I’m not sure I can speak for everyone else at TheGloss, but I still think she’s the bee’s knees (that maddening book proposal aside.)

For the most recent issue of their 2012 Entertainers of the Year, Entertainment Weekly took one of those said entertainers — Dunham — and styled her in 1960’s mod attire and make-up. And why not? She is currently rocking a very similar pixie cut that put model Twiggy on the map, and similar to Twiggy, Dunham is fast becoming the “It” girl of the moment despite not being the most conventional looking or acting gal out there.

Although she did become an international model, Twiggy was regarded as too short and too thin to fall into the category of how models of the time were “supposed” to look. Her big doe eyes combined with her androgynous looks were something the fashion world had yet to see, and just as young women now are looking to Dunham as a role model, the same can be said for Twiggy almost 50 years ago.

Twiggy by Barry Lategan.

So what do we think? Is this obvious homage and sneaky comparison perhaps a premonition of what’s to come? Will we someday think of Lena Dunham as an icon? Or is she just a flash in the pan we’ll forget after the series Girls ends and they won’t let it die by making shitty movies as follow-ups… like another HBO series we might know?



Photo: EW/Ruven Afanador via HuffPo