lena dunham vogue

We talked last week about how Lena Dunham was all but confirmed for the February cover of U.S. Vogue, and why we thought it was about time, and now the much rumored cover is revealed, and it’s fantastic.

Predictably, Dunham’s cover got the up-close, head-and-shoulders crop that fashion magazines like to give to stars who do not have runway model figures. We’re disappointed, but not at all surprised. But otherwise we like the quirky look. Annie Liebovitz shot Dunham for the cover and accompanying editorial, and she captures Dunham’s personality nicely.

The cover is not necessarily what we expect from Vogue (we expect couture, tossed back hair, and a ton of Photoshop), but it’s very Dunham. Her 60s-style, Twiggy-esque hair and makeup look great on her, and we are always a sucker for big polka dots.

In the accompanying editorial, Dunham, her dog, and GirlsAdam Driver were photographed in several Girls-inspired scenes around New York. It looks a lot like Girls, except that Dunham is wearing Alexander McQueen, CelineRochas, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada. Her dog is adorable.

While this is Lena Dunham’s first Vogue cover, it is not the first time she has been in Vogue. Back in 1998 she and several other extremely privileged New York kids were featured in an article about fashionable children. The article will probably give you an aneurism, because it is all about pre-teen girls wearing Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs.

“I find Calvin Klein really hard to respect because he’s everywhere,” said an 11-year-old Lena Dunham, while a Prada-clad, 12-year-old Jemima Kirke was described as having a wardrobe that “makes Clueless look like Kmart.”

Though the 1998 article used Dunham’s quotes, it did not use her picture, which she says upset her at the time.

This time they did use her picture, and it’s about time. It’s good to see that Anna Wintour is occasionally willing to put a larger woman than usual on the cover if she brings along enough potential magazine buyers, but we don’t think this necessarily heralds a new era for Vogue. We fully expect the next few issues to be business as usual over at US Vogue.