Anna Wintour is looking for a new cover girl, and the one she’s rumored to be after is a bit of a departure for Vogue, because RadarOnline says Anna is positively desperate for a Lena Dunham Vogue cover.

If we ignore Dunham’s fame, fortune, family connections, privilege, and designer anecdotes (“Zac Posen was my babysitter”) she seems like an unusual choice for a cover girl. But really that’s about Dunham being bigger than Wintour likes. Wintour has never pretended that she doesn’t worship at the altar of thinness and once made Oprah, of all people, lose weight to appear on a Vogue cover. But aside from that Dunham is exactly the kind of person who gets Vogue covers, and she does have something Wintour wants: a younger demographic.

“Anna is trying to seduce Lena into bringing her next-generation audience into the Vogue brand,” Radar’s “inside source” said.

Maybe Wintour thinks putting Dunham on the cover would get all the Internet-reading younglings to pick up an issue.

Vogue did once call Dunham “the Woody Allen of her generation,” and Radar’s “insider source” says Wintour is hosting a secret, private dinner to “see if Lena will play ball.”

The weirdest thing about this story is not that Wintour wants Dunham and her demographic. It’s that it really doesn’t seem like it would be this hard. Dunham does tons of magazine covers. If Anna wanted her for Vogue, wouldn’t someone just contact Dunham’s agent? This isn’t the Game of Thrones here.

But we do wonder how exactly Wintour would handle Dunham’s body. Based on the treatments other celebrities have gotten, Vogue has several options up its sleeve:

The Oprah: Maybe Wintour will just hold Dunham’s cover hostage until Tracy Anderson finishes “transforming” her.

The Adele: Of course, there’s also the traditional close-up face shot, with no body in sight, the way Vogue shot Adele’s cover.

The Melissa McCarthy: Vogue could also take a page from Elle’s book and hide Dunham’s body under a giant coat so we can’t see her.

The Charlize: Vogue UK famously put down their Photoshop gun and let Charlize Theron keep her innocuous little ankle tattoo. The Internet promptly freaked out about how the tattoo “ruined” everything. Dunham’s larger tattoos don’t stand a chance against the airbrushes of Wintour’s Vogue.

Or they could just do their traditional Vogue thing and Photoshop an entirely new body on under Dunham’s head.

Via RadarOnline/Photo: WENN