The much-anticipated (thanks to Anne Hathaway‘s many ladymag rounds, in which she discussed her crash diet tirelessly) Les Miserables saw its world premiere in London last night, and all its fancy, fancy stars turned out. Sadly, it was not a high point for fashion.

Gladly, it had Eddie Redmayne in a velvet suit:

It was Burberry. So, that’s how you do it, folks.

Gillian Anderson‘s dress is pretty stiff for our tastes. And her hair is much too big. We respect the statement hue, though.

Helena Bonham Carter, we know she can do crazier. This is pretty restrained for her, eh? Were it not for the weird, stringy ringlets, we’d say she looks like a regular actress.

Isla Fisher, your bodice couldn’t be more distracting or less flattering. Which is lame, because your breasts deserve better.

Valentino wore fur, bronzer.

Laura Baily is a model. Now, forgive us forever, but we kind of really like her dress, even though it’s a whole bunch of stuff we hate rolled into one. She looks fantastic.

Ellie Goulding, as you may know, didn’t account for paparazzi flashes (OR DID SHE?!) and had her nipples out.

Amanda Seyfried did those Balenciaga ruffles. We were wondering how the collection would exist on the red carpet and this look leaves us undecided. She looks great, that neckline is gorgeous on her, but the flare-out at her hip just seems odd and uneven.

Lastly, Anne Hathaway. We don’t think pointless loops have any place on bathing suits, let alone the red carpet. Everything about this Givenchy Haute Couture gown–the neckline, the sleeves, the row of buttons, the beading as polka dots–feels like a non sequitur. We can’t think of a single thing we like about this dress.

Though it’s improved from the back…

…It still feels like something Meryl Streep would wear in Death Becomes Her.


(All photos via Wenn)