Just look at these darling cupcakes! How much do you want to just dive in and lap up that sparkly frosting? Can you just imagine how much fancier your life would be if you could waltz around a party with one of these little numbers in your hand? Even in your own hole-in-the-wall apartment, you could hold one of these and feel like you’ve arrived. It’s fun to play Marie Antoinette!

Karen Tack and Alan Richardson have pretty much answered the wishes of cupcake aficionados and fashionistas everywhere by combining these two great loves. In their book Cupcakes, Cookies & Pies, Oh My!,  they illustrate how you can make them yourselves at home. Since my baking ability is lacking, I have not tried my hand at these, but I’m going to assume there is a play by play recipe that can help you achieve this dessert of which dreams are made. And we haven’t even addressed the fact that the heel is made of a piroutte? How inventive (read: delicious) is that? I’ll tell you: too inventive for words.

If you want to fulfill your fashion accessory cupcake quota, then there’s also a recipe for handbag cupcakes as well. Because as they say, you can never have too many handbags — or cupcakes for that matter. Yes, this is what my stomach says.

Carrie Bradshaw may have had shoe cupcakes at her book release party on Sex and the City, but I’m sure we can all agree these are far more superior. I’ll say it again: they have pirouttes for heels!

If any of you dare to try your hand at baking these, you’d get our undying love and gratitude if you sent a bunch our way. And when I say a “bunch,” I mean at least a dozen (or two).