How it is that Jenna Lyons’ get-up at the 2012 Met Gala went pretty much unnoticed until recently, is rather strange. The woman, who has a phenomenal sense of style that is completely her own, should have been photographed just as often as the other designers and celebrities on hand, but she wasn’t. Not cool!

It was just a couple days ago that J.Crew posted photos on their Tumblr of her outfit from the evening, and gave a bit of history behind the look that, true to Lyons’ unique style, included a denim jacket that she paired with a gorgeous pink skirt. She also explained the inspiration behind look:

“I didn’t want to wear duchesse silk satin with something sparkly or pearls. I am who I am—so I took it down a notch with denim. We pulled a J.Crew jean jacket and then had it fit and re-tailored to raise the waistband. I’m also not really wearing a shirt underneath—the collar and cuffs were custom-made by my custom shirtmaker and were stitched into the jacket.”

Personally, I love this look! I love that Lyons continues to be who she is and doesn’t fall into the trappings of conventional ideas of how one should dress to such an event. She’s also my fashion inspiration of the moment, so I’m a bit biased.

So what are we thinking about this outfit? Yay or nay?