I’ve been staring at this Marc Jacobs hat for almost 20 minutes. I can’t tell you why I’m doing this, I just am. I must be procrastinating.

It reminds me of The Cat in the Hat gone wild with that tiger-esque fur situation going on, and seems more suitable for stashing goods than wearing it about town. What if you’re tall, how do you don this? How will you get through average-sized doorways? What if you’re short like me and try to rock this and realize it’s actually half your height? How does it all work?

Today Vogue UK put together a selection of the best hats from the fall/winter 2012/2013 collections by several prominent designers. It’s an eclectic group of head garments, and since we have been discussing Fashion Week for days and the chance to wear those spring duds is still months away, it only made sense to stop for a moment and think fall, winter and temperatures that plummet well below the freezing mark.

Yes, this hat will keep you warm. Yes, you can carry a rabbit around in it, then pull it out of your hat later to entertain a group of kids, but would you wear it? I’m just frightened by it. I plan to stare at it for another 20 minutes and figure out why it’s upsetting me so much.


Photo: GoRunway