I wonder how Britney and Justin feel when they come across this photo...

It’s that time of year when I switch over from my winter gear to my spring gear. For me my spring outerwear is a denim jacket that I’ve been wearing for years. It makes my wide array of dresses casual and offsets my look if I’m taking the preppy route. I also find that it never really goes out of style because even when it’s not completely in fashion, it almost comes off as ironic, and irony makes the hipsters proud. We all want to make hipsters proud.

Yesterday as I was lounging around in my jeans, I had a craving for, not surprisingly, some wine, so I tossed on my denim jacket without thinking. Before I left the apartment I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror and stopped. No, this look would not do even if my destination was literally right downstairs. I removed my jeans, put on a skirt instead and continued on my way. There would be no denim on denim that day.

I mix my chambray shirts with my jeans all the time because there’s something about the difference in textures that makes it an OK choice. But when it comes to jeans and a denim jacket, where the textures are both heavier, it just seems off-putting. It doesn’t matter if the denims are different or identical, it makes me think Brokeback Mountain or No Country for Old Men – which are both excellent films, but sometimes you don’t want to look like you’re living in 1975 Wyoming or Texas.

Of course Marilyn Monroe could do it perfectly...

I realize there’s an art to rocking this look spectacularly. I know it means mixing up the denim washes if you’re going to go denim on denim, and even breaking up the two with color and accessories. Still, I just can’t get it right unlike *some blonde starlet; but I’m not about to give up hope on the look just yet.

*At some point I’m going to have to quit blaming everything that doesn’t work on the fact that I’m not Marilyn Monroe.

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