It’s still relatively surprising when you see that Lindsay Lohan has not only shown up to an event, but has actually been invited. How many times have we heard that she’s either been snubbed by a fellow “celebrity” or kicked out of something because she’s a hot mess? A lot. However, somehow she got an invite to the amFar Benefit Gala last night, so let’s discuss.

Rocking a white Tom Ford dress and Prada shoes, from faraway, Lohan could almost look good, but as you get closer, that hot mess that is the LiLo is clearly still there. Look at the bags under the eyes, the skin that has been overcooked in tanning beds, and the fact that she is absolutely looking just like her mom, Dina — they could pass as twins! It’s hard to believe she’s only 25 years old. I wonder how she thinks she looks in this photo.

Also at the event was Alexa Chung in a Louis Vuitton silk shit from the spring/summer 2012 dress. I don’t know if it’s just a bad angle, but she looks not only unrecognizable, but as though she’s lost about 20 pounds. Models shouldn’t lose 20 pounds. Granted, she’s probably been hard at work on her new reality series, 24 Hour Catwalk, but the girl is looking almost as old as Ms. Lohan. No one wants to be put in the Lohan category.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who is about 20 years old than these two, looked pretty damn good.


(photos: Vogue UK)