Levi's Wedgie Jeans Butt 1Denim can take inspiration from all kinds of different places. Our beloved boyfriend jeans were inspired by guys’ comfortable denim, and mom jeans were based off of those unflattering, stereotypical jeans moms who drive mini vans wear. If you thought that the latter was an interesting choice, you’ll find it not at all surprising compared to Levi‘s latest denim style. The denim brand has launched a new style of jeans based off of one of the worst school pranks: the wedgie.

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Yes, Levi’s has launched Wedgie Jeans. If you love a wad of fabric creeping up your backside, this is the denim style for you. According to ASOS, Levi’s wanted to rework their classic 501’s into a more flattering cut after the huge rise in popularity of the style, with everyone wearing it from models to celebrities to people out on the street.

Levi's Wedgie Jeans

The Wedgie Jeans are made out of 99 percent cotton and one percent elastane, with cropped, slightly tapered legs. They have a higher waist and fit snug in the hips for a flattering fit. According to the press release, the wedgie fit is meant to stop the dreaded awkward front bulge that you can get in your jeans. You know exactly what they’re talking about. The Wedgie Jeans have a button fly which references the classic 501’s, and they have pockets on the back that are slightly tilted to give you a proper mom butt. Remember, having a mom butt is now supposed to be a good thing.

Levi's Wedgie Jeans Back

There are lots of different denim styles from flares to skinnies to straight-leg jeans to boyfriend to the surprisingly popular mom jeans. Each new style received criticism when they were first launched. Remember when people thought it was crazy talk to ditch their boot-cut jeans for skinny jeans that were tight on the ankle, and were tucked into boots? Levi’s are the inventors of the classic 501’s so they know what they are doing when it comes to denim, even if you’re scratching your head about Wedgie Jeans at the moment.

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The jeans are available in two different mid-wash blues: Classic Tint and Coyote Desert. They come in sizes 23 to 32, and they sell for £95 (approximately $142). They’re not on the Levi’s US website yet, but let’s hope they will be soon, so we can all get our wedgies on.

If you are already thinking about your summer festival wardrobe, the Wedgie fit will be available in a pair of shorts for Spring 2016. They will have the same high-rise, button fly and mom jean pockets as the pants. Yes, they will also fit tight in the butt to prevent crotch bulge.

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All this talk about wedgies might have you releasing some repressed school memories, but if the Wedgie Jeans are half as popular as Levi’s 501’s, you will have to get used to them. Just think, having a wedgie is better than a raspberry or a purple nurple.

(Photos: Levi’s)