Last night at the Hollywood premiere of Lawless, scorned (for K-Stew) wife Liberty Ross made her first red carpet appearance since her husband was caught canoodling Bella Swan. As with any recently cheated on semi-famous woman, the coded messages contained in her outfit were numerous and complex, so let’s try to decipher them.

Consisting of a green satin button down, black leggings, and chunky black heels, this outfit is much more casual than the so-called “revenge outfit” she wore a few weeks ago, as if to say, “I don’t care about you, Rupert Sanders. In fact, I care so little that I’m going to wear leggings as pants. LOOK AT ME NOT CARING.” Additionally, the throwback to ’90s fashion could be an implied reference to Kristen Stewart. Liberty Ross can do the laid back grungy look just as well as K-Stew, you see, and probably even better because she a.) manages to make it look sexy, and 2.) actually remembers the ’90s. Her loose, flowing hair mirrors K-Stew’s coltishness, and her shirt’s shiny green fabric and yellow buttons…well, they are kind of garish. But she doesn’t give a fuck! Not one! Either that, or her stylist was taking a break and she had to show up in her regular clothes. Who knows?

(Via Styleite)