Life In Perfect Disorder Nip Tee

Septum piercings may still be popular, but it is all about the nipple piercing. If you want proof, just see the fact that there is a section of Kendall Jenner‘s September Vogue feature dedicated to her nipple piercing. If you’re into the look of nipple piercings but you don’t exactly fancy having a needle shoved through your sensitive nip, a clothing brand has a clever (and less painful!) solution. Life In Perfect Disorder has a pierced nipple t-shirt that will make everyone think that you got your actual nipples pierced.

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The cheeky top features two strategically placed surgical steel piercings on the chest that are meant to look like piercings. Suddenly your white t-shirt doesn’t seem quite so basic.

Life In Perfect Disorder Nip Detail1

The piercings actually sit on the outside of your tee so you don’t have to worry about any ring rubbing going on.The t-shirts sell for $60 a pop, and you can choose between a black or white one.

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If you’re looking for more faux pierced clothing, Life In Perfect Disorder frequently use surgical steel piercings as embellishment. You can get a trendy off-the-shoulder crop top with one chest “piercing.” There is even a pair of pierced boxer shorts, a swimsuit, a hoodie and a hat.

Life In Perfect Disorder Crop Top

If you’re a commitment-phobe when it comes to body modification, the range is a great solution. And if you’re looking for a bit of embellishment that isn’t studs or beading, the collection has you covered.

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(Photos: Life In Perfect Disorder)