To be honest, I agreed to attend the Stride underwear event (featuring underwear with built-in pantyliners to help with “light leakage”) because it was at the Plaza. Endless childhood readings of Eloise mean that I love that hotel so much that if the White Aryan Nation asked me to go to a luncheon there my response would read “thank you for the invite! Will there be tea-cakes?”

But, yeah, suffice to say I didn’t expect to take it too seriously. When one co-worker turned to me this morning and said “so the post is just going to be you making funny jokes about people peeing themselves, right?” I looked up from my 10:00 Red Bull and replied “it’s probably just going to be the soundtrack to Urinetown, actually.”

But then I got there, and whoa, Stride underwear is actually very attractive. And available in Duane Reade! I love the idea of being able to buy underwear without a woman trying to wrestle me into a changing room to discover my “true” cup size.

And I didn’t realize that 1 in 3 women experience leakage issues. Which aren’t confined to incontinence, but also mean light leakage around your period. It really wouldn’t be a bad option for days when you just don’t want to break out your regular, super pretty underwear.

And, as one of the co-founders pointed out “if men are able to remove the stigma around impotence, shouldn’t we be able to do it around leakage?”

Umm, good point. And just because you’ve got a “woman’s issue” it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear pretty underwear instead of scary Granny panties accompanied by a purse full of pantyliners. Because, hey, bodies do weird shit all the time that we can’t really control, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. And it’s really hard to make fun of a product that seems both attractive and useful.

So in conclusion – Stride Underwear. Probably a good idea the day immediately following your period. Check it out here: Stride.

That said, since I have the embed code right here: