Lily Cole's rubber jewelry

Model/actress/favorite person Lily Cole has come out with a jewelry line. While model-helmed jewelry collections aren’t particularly rare, Cole’s efforts surprised us by being affordable, made of rubber, and intended to help preserve the Brazilian rainforests.

The sustainably produced, minimalist Lily Cole rubber jewelry is made of gold-colored metal and wild rubber sourced from Brazilian rainforests. Creating a market for sustainable rainforest-sourced rubber is an effort to help provide a financial incentive for preserving rainforest land.

“Right now there isn’t a market distinction between wild rubber and plantation rubber,” she told The Telegraph. “Essentially it costs more to produce wild rubber because it’s a much more manual, less industrialized process; local tappers have to go into the forest and tap the trees accordingly. In the short-term the land is more valuable for cattle farming, so currently there isn’t enough of a financial incentive to do wild rubber trading, to protect the forest from being deforested.”

Cole said that while as a young model she worked for companies like De Beers, she’s now more able to pick and choose and work with companies that are in line with her environmental interests.

“I feel like I’m increasingly in a position where I can just model for the companies that I admire and want to support,” she said. Cole famously quit as the face of De Beers in 2005, saying she was unaware of the company’s terrible practices when she accepted the job.

Cole’s first rubber jewelry collection went up for sale on yesterday and all the pieces sold out in a day. (More are coming.) Helping the mad grab for Cole’s jewelry is the fact that the whole collection is surprisingly affordable, with rings at £10, earrings at £15, and necklaces up to £25. All profits from sales of Cole’s jewelry go to support the WWF and Sky Rainforest Rescue.

Via The Telegraph/Photos: Styleistpick